We are particularly helpful before you start shooting a single frame. From proposal stage to final case study selection, we specialise in sourcing and verifying everything you need for a documentary or tv series. We perform:

  • background research for proposals
  • content research for TV series, documentaries and content-heavy children and game shows
  • content research for script development
  • case study searches
  • expert searches


Even fictional characters and places are traceable back to some kind of reality. We love giving you accurate information that you can then use to create worlds of fiction. We perform:

  • background research for tenders
  • content research for script development
  • historical research to accurately reconstruct specific time periods


We support or supplement your own information gathering activities by filling your information gaps. We offer objective fee-based research, including:

  • research in the field – qualitative research based on question schedules designed with you
  • background research for presentations
  • background research for communication materials
  • background research for speeches