Depending on your brief, we use one or all of the following methods to gather information:

Face-to-face interviews

Some information only exists in people’s heads. Like memories. Information earned through experience. Analysis. Insight. Strong views. We can either follow an interview schedule worked out with you, or you can give us free reign to gather the information ourselves. We believe in the power of follow-up questions to get the detail you need.

Phone interviews

Some people hate the telephone. We don’t. It is our biggest ally in what we do – allowing us to access information quickly, verify facts we cannot take for granted or take us places we would never have thought of.

Desktop research

Sure, you can also search the net. But we do it faster, accessing a wider range of sources, while fact-checking everything along the way. We assume nothing. Not even how to spell Peter. It could be spelt Peta after all.

Archival Searches

Whether you are looking for a photo, audio-visual material or a document, we will source it for you. If it exists, we will find it.